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Introducing Karan Singh

Outline Agency

We're delighted to announce that we now represent Karan Singh in the UK.

Australian born and Tokyo-based, Karan is truly a multi-disciplinary artist – he creates illustrations, GIFs, animations, 3D motion graphics and more for myriad applications – from print to social media and TV, through to set designs for photo shoots, projections for art shows and musical performances...


While he studied interaction design, Karan has focused on visual arts and illustration for the past nine years, drawing inspiration from graphic design sensibilities and op-art minimalism. His particular skill lies in his ability to harness and manipulate the eye-popping powers of pattern and contrasting colours to create bold and playful imagery that, despite favouring flat colours, display a beguiling sense of depth and dimensionality.

Karan's clients include Instagram, Converse, IBM, Nike, Apple,Anya Hindmarch, Heineken, American Express, AirBnb, Intel, Samsung, and the band OK Go.