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The latest from our artists.

Karan Singh for Louis Vuitton

Outline Agency

Karan Singh created a series of animations for Louis Vuitton, featuring the brand’s iconic LV logo and marking key dates in the calendar including Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day.


Take a look at Karan’s full portfolio here.

Kristjana S Williams for Penhaligons

Outline Agency

Kristjana S Williams continues her collaboration with luxury perfumers Penhaligon’s with a new series of artwork for the latest additions to the ‘Portraits’ collection of fragrances. Kristjana also created and led a series of Easter themed egg decorating workshops to celebrate the launch, as well as creating bespoke, limited-edition bottles decorated with hand-cut paper elements from the artwork.


Take a look at more of Kristjana’s work here in her full portfolio

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan for Swatch

Outline Agency

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan created this psychedelic illustration for legendary watchmakers Swatch, customers will be able create their own unique timepiece, by selecting their favourite area of Ed’s illustration to be custom printed to the watch strap and transparent face. Take a look at the illustration in action here.

3 - colour12-01.jpg
ed swatch.jpeg

Check out more of Ed’s work in his full portfolio here.

Peepshow for BBC Icons

Outline Agency

Peepshow created all the animated graphic sequences, branding and design for ‘ICONS’ for BBC TWO. The 8-part series tells the definitive story of a century through the people who had the most impact on it. The public decide the winner of each episode in a public vote.


Below you’ll find a clip from the 2nd episode 'Explorers' presented by Dermot O'Leary, and a selection of stills from the series.


'ICONS' Graphics:

Design, Direction, Animation and Production by Peepshow

Animation Director: Pete Mellor
Art Direction, Design & Illustration: Miles Donovan & Lucy Vigrass
Producers: Pete Mellor & Miles Donovan
Animation: Pete Mellor, Rob McDougall, Sam Burton & Victoria Jardine

Take a look at Peepshow’s latest work here

Virgine Morgand for Dior Parfums

Outline Agency

Virginie Morgand was recently invited to hand paint a special packaging illustration for Dior perfumes, Virginie chose to work on the Gris Dior fragrance, and created this beautiful deco-inspired artwork.

VM GD.jpeg
VM GD 1.jpeg

View Virginie’s full portfolio here.

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan for Hermes

Outline Agency

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan was commissioned by iconic French fashion house Hermes to create illustrations for their end of year event, around the theme of the ‘key of dreams’


Take a look at Edward’s portfolio here.