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Virginie Morgand for London Transport Museum

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The London Transport Museum commissioned Virginie Morgand to create four new illustrated posters for its Brightest London campaign. Each of the posters depict Londoners enjoying a colourful night out at various locations and the set of four posters can be seen to describe a rather good night out, starting with a drink in a bar...

...then going to a nice restaurant for dinner...

...before heading to the cinema for a screening event...

...and ending up dancing the night away!

Look out for the posters which are up in various underground stations around London. And check out LTM's shop site where you can buy the posters for £9.95 each. Virginie will also be signing limited edition giclée prints of each of the illustrations at London Transport Museum on the evening of Friday 12th February, between 6 and 9pm.