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Virginie Morgand et L'Instant Parisien

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Created by the team behind a blog of the same name, L’Instant Parisien is a new bi-lingual (French and English), bi-annual publication that will “present a collection of moments, chronicles of Parisian lives.” A campaign to crowdfund the printing of the inaugural issue is currently running on and Virginie Morgand has not only created the cover artwork for the issue (shown above), but has worked with the magazine to create various rewards for people who support the campaign.

These include a set of three greetings cards all sporting Parisian café scenes by Virginie. There’s also a two-colour screen printed cotton tote bag, a rather lovely A5 128 page notebook sporting front and back cover illustrations by Virginie, plus a 50x70cm screenprint of Virginie’s cover artwork (limited edition of 100) individually numbered and signed for those donating €150 or more. 

Help support the magazine’s first issue here, and view Virginie's updated portfolio here.