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Ed Carvalho-Monaghan's billboard

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Having won the SAGE Bag Yourself A Billboard competition, the good folk at were excited at the prospect of having a globally renowned ad agency create an enormous billboard ad for them as their prize. However, things didn't go to plan. "We were excited to get the pros to look at us from an outside perspective and have a view on telling our story,"'s Tash Crompton wrote in a story posted on the website. "They [the ad agency] proposed some amazing concepts only to later find they couldn't deliver them. They ran out of time to deliver and we nearly lost the opportunity."

So what the heck did do in the face of such adversity? Well, they called up Ed Carvalho-Monaghan (who had recently worked with them and created an artwork for their project, The Art of Interpretation), and asked if he could create a billboard for them in just 48 hours. "Yes I can do that," said Ed. This whopping great big billboard, now in full effect in the middle of Shoreditch is the result of Ed's response to the task.

Read more about the billboard here.