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Outline Artists showcase at Exposure Gallery

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From 13 November to 5 December, at The Exposure Gallery in central London, we'll be showcasing the latest extravagant flora-and-fauna mash ups by Kristjana S Williams, who worked on the AW13 ‘Maker of Lingerie’ campaign for Triumph (images below).

The artworks on display will include intricate 3D paper-cut butterfly pieces and a selection of limited edition prints depicting magical landscapes. 

Alongside Kristjana’s work, we're excited to also be exhibiting a selection of printed work by all the other artists on our roster – including our two newest signings, Edward Carvalho-Monaghan and Paris-based Jessica Das.

The show is at The Exposure Gallery, 22-23 Little Portland Street, London W1W 8BU. Free entry. Opening times: Mon – Fri, 10am-6pm.

All prints and original artworks will be also be available to buy online from Outline Editions.

Triumph Scarlett 1200.jpg
Triumph Vintage 1200.jpg