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Kristjana S Williams designs Coldplay's "Butterfly Package"

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Kristjana S Williams has created the artwork and a series of animations for Coldplay's latest audio release ‘A Head Full of Dreams: Live in Buenos Aires’.

Her artwork also adorns ‘The Butterfly Package’ a special edition release containing the live audio release, a two-hour concert film, ‘Live in Sao Paulo’ and a career-spanning documentary film by acclaimed director Mat Whitecross, charting the rise and rise of Chris Martin and co from rehersals in cramped student bedrooms, through gigs in Camden pubs, to sold out stadium shows around the world.


Kristjana's artwork for the release weaves together a host of emblematic visuals from Coldplay's 20 year history including the digitally rendered face from the cover of 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head, a street sign from Camden Road (where the band first rehearsed) and an image of frontman Chris Martin with a vodka and cranberry in hand (the drink he turns to when not happy with something he's working on). 


“In the centre of the butterfly is the piano the band always take on tour and the butterfly itself represents Asia, Europe and the Americas,’ says Kristjana. ‘The monkeys which are a recurrent theme in my work and feature in Coldplay’s ‘Adventures of a Lifetime’ video too, here represent the band with Jonny and Will on the right and Chris and Guy on the left.’

The Butterfly Package will be released on CD, DVD, vinyl and digital on 7th December.

Read an interview with Kristjana about her work on the project on Coldplay’s site here. And take a look at Kristjana’s portfolio here.