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Karan Singh for Onitsuka Tiger


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Karan Singh for Onitsuka Tiger

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Karan worked with The Adventures Of creative agency to art direct and create 64 unique, eye-catching visuals for Onitsuka Tiger's  re-release of the Mexico 66SD trainer, originally worn by the entire Olympic delegation in 1966. Inspired by the theme of a contemporary Opening Ceremony, Karan created narratives and visuals for four distinct visual worlds represented in the ceremony and encompassing the four colourways of the Mexico 66SD trainer.


Karan's concepts and visuals for the campaign were based around four key elements of the traditional Japanese ‘Godai’; Chi (earth), Sui (water), Ka (fire) and Fu (wind) which established the background for each abstract world, transcending geographical borders, and reflecting the harmony of the games.

Karan's visual approach saw elements from each world distilled into simplified or symbolic representations with the intent of being bold, playful and contemporary. This final tool kit comprised of a series of flags and range of individual illustrated elements and patterns.


The campaign pairs Karan's graphic themes and artwork with dynamic vibrant sets and animation to bring the Mexico66SD range to life with a bang. Created with Berlin based creative agency The Adventures Of, the campaign was produced by HALAL and includes a 40-second film and short product videos for social and digital by Juriaan Booij, followed by print, key retail visuals and lifestyle imagery by photographer Olya Oleinic.

To see more of Karan's work take a look at his portfolio here


Creative Direction: The Adventures Of
Art Direction & Illustration: Karan Singh
Film Director: Juriaan Booij
Photography: Olya Oleinic
Film & Photography Production: Halal Amsterdam
Graphic Design: The Adventures Of