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Karan Singh's Darling Square hoardings


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Karan Singh's Darling Square hoardings

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DSQ_2017_DSQHoardings_3000x2250_4 copy.png

Commissioned by Houston Group of Sydney for Lendlease, Karan Singh created the artwork for no less than 17 colourful hoardings to decorate the building site of the forthcoming Darling Square development in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The hoardings take inspiration from the fact that the development will feature restaurants and cafés as well as accommodation. Here's a look at some of the work photographed in situ...

DSQ_2017_DSQHoardings_3000x2250_4 copy 2.png
DSQ_2017_DSQHoardings_3000x2250_4 copy 3.png
DSQ_2017_DSQHoardings_3000x2250_3 copy.png

View Karan's portfolio here.