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Virginie Morgand's new campaign for Le Meridien

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Commissioned by creative agency Winkreative, Virginie Morgand has created a series of eight illustrated ads for international hotel group Le Méridien. Devised to pay homage to a golden age of mid-century European travel and tourism posters whilst appealing to the creative and curious-minded traveller, each of the ads in the campaign features a character engaged in an activity in a particular location indicated by his or her surroundings. 

Shown above is the first of the ads to appear - a double page ad showing a happy cyclist zooming along atop the Arc de Triomphe with the strapline “Find something you weren’t looking for”. This and the next seven ads in the campaign will roll out globally across print and digital media over the next few months.

Le Méridien will feature the ad images on, and across all of the brand's social media platforms this summer. Rest assured we’ll be retweeting!