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Rob Bailey: New work for Transport For London

Outline Agency

M&C Saatchi has been working with Outline Artists’ Rob Bailey for several months on a series of vibrant illustrated posters for Transport for London. Each poster in the campaign is designed to inform Londoners about fares and ticketing  to ensure they get the most out of using Transport for London’s network. 

RB TfL Fares and Ticketing 2.jpg

The campaign is now live across billboards, press, digital display and digital outdoor, with each poster communicating a piece of helpful information relating to off-peak travel, contactless card payment, Oyster card refunds, daily fare capping and how to claim refunds on delayed journeys. 

"Distilling each message down and using the simplicity of Rob Bailey’s illustrations enables us to deliver complex information in a clear and succinct way,” says M&C Saatchi’s Head of Art, Grant Parker. “By using a limited colour palette, we were able to keep the work graphically clean and uncluttered.”

Credit list :

Rob Bailey: Illustrator
Grant Parker: Head of Art, M&C Saatchi
Chris McCloud: Marketing Director, Transport for London
Charlotte Cooke: Marketing & Communications Manager, Transport for London
Gary Monaghan : Art Director, M&C Saatchi
Mick Smith: Senior Project manager, M&C Saatchi
Anna Lloyd: Account director, M&C Saatchi