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Rob Bailey's Alpaca hug poster for TfL

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Rob Bailey is one of six artists to have contributed to Transport For London’s new “without leaving London” campaign by advertising agency M&C Saatchi. Each artist was charged with the task of illustrating an unusual or unexpected destination in London and Rob’s poster shows a boy giving an alpaca a big hug and features the strap line, “Visit an alpaca without leaving London”, and names Newham City Farm, E6, as London's premier alpaca-visiting location along with a web link to find out more about the six destinations featured in the campaign and dozens more.

The other contributing artists to the campaign are Stanley Chow, Daniel Frost, Jack Hudson, Jack Hughes and Miguel Montaner and their posters cover London's museum's, outdoor spaces, galleries and food markets. The campaign is currently running on outdoor poster sites, digital displays, press ads, radio and the aforementioned Time Out webpage at

Look out for the digital display versions of the ads running on screens on the Underground. They are all very subtly animated and Rob's is particularly sweet: The boy can be seen to give the pictured alpaca a little squeeze. Really nicely done!