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Lucy Vigrass & Chrissie Macdonald's live wrap

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Create 40 metres of hand-rendered artwork in a few hours? Live? Not a problem for OA's Lucy Vigrass (above right) who teamed up with regular collaborator Chrissie Macdonald (above left) for a day at Glaceau vitaminwater's #ShineBright wrapping gallery on Bateman Street in London's Soho. The duo spent a day creating sheet upon sheet of lovingly hand-printed wrapping paper which punters could have their just-bought presents wrapped in. Nice!

Lucy and Chrissie were among several artists selected by Outline Artists (working closely with communications agency Exposure) for the five day event which also included collective Day Job, and illustrators Lynnie Zulu and Jack Hudson.

Here's how Lucy and Chrissie's wrapping paper turned out:

Read more about the project here.