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Ed Carvalho-Monaghan in Printed Pages

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Put together by the good folk at It's Nice That, the Winter 2013 issue of Printed Pages is hot off the press and features a rather wonderful "illustrated mix tape" created specially for the issue by OA's Edward Carvalho-Monaghan.

"The guys at Printed Pages asked me to work on a bunch of images using music as a starting point," says Ed of his contribution to the issue. "Some images are illustrations of song lyrics or a song title like the Take Up Thy Stethoscope image, after the Pink Floyd track, which is literally the instrument walking," he continues. "Little Red Book was a surreal take on the lyrics of the track of that name by Love. In the song, Arthur Lee talks about looking through his 'little red book' and taking out all the girls that danced with him. So the image is of the actual book taking out some dream-like entities and a tense scene the morning after their copulation ritual.

"Gondzin depicts a nomad travelling through the desert, like the Ghanian teenage rock band Edzayawa themselves did. Finally, Bat Macumba (which you can see here) is a ridiculous image that came directly from listening to the song (by Os Mutantes) and the creative trance it put me in."

See all of Ed's images in the new Winter 2013 issue of Printed Pages.