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Music for your eyes and ears: Outline Zone #1

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Here at OA towers, putting on music in the morning is as second-nature as sticking the kettle on to make a nice cup of tea. Music inspires us, soothes us, excites and sustains us, every day – so we've decided to share music as often as we can in the form of a series of streamable mixes, each sporting its own bespoke cover artwork. Now, just in time to deliver as a Christmas offering of sorts, we're happy to present Outline Zone #1, the first of these happy endeavours!

This mix is by OA's Gavin Lucas and its bespoke artwork has been conjured up specially by Andreas Neophytou

Musically, we think the selection (which includes tracks by Death In Vegas, John Talabot and Kalabrese) makes for good studio listening - but we're also sure it will keep your ears warm whatever you're up to over the festive period.

Find and listen to Outline Zone #1 on our Mixcloud page here. Enjoy!