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Hvass&Hannibal @ We Love Graphic Design

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Sofie and Nan Na of Hvass&Hannibal designed the poster for this Saturday's We Love Graphic Design, a one day symposium in Copenhagen at which they are also speaking. 


"We will be talking about some of our favourite projects and the processes behind them," Sofie says of the duo's planned talk. "We'll discuss how we developed the ideas for some of our projects, revealing some of the difficulties we've had during the creative and production process - as well as the good times.

"We think it's interesting when designers share some behind the scene stories and not only the finished work," she adds.


A ticket to the event costs 1420DKK (approx. £160) but that includes food and drink – not to mention no small amount of inspiration provided by Sofie and Nan Na and the other speakers: Kate Moross from London, Barcelona-based brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro, aka Brosmind, designer Hansje Van Halem, and Canadian artist James White.

Sofie and Nan Na's lovingly screen printed A1 posters for the event are available to buy from their site here.